Tips for Taking Dogs on a Road Trip

Dogs On A Road Trip | Opelousas, LA

If you’ve taken your dogs on a road trip before, you know the challenges that can arise. Traveling with your four-legged friends can be an absolute joy, but if you want to do it safely — and sanely — you’ll want to take note of these simple pet-travel tips:

Ease Them Into It

If your dog is unaccustomed to driving or being in a car, don’t shock it with a multi-day trek. Take it on a few moderate-length drives leading up to the full trip to ease her into it. Even animals who are veterans of in-car riding could use a little refamiliarization before an extended journey.

Bring a Crate

If a crate can fit safely inside your vehicle, consider bringing it with you and leaving your dog inside it during the drive. They may hate to be cooped up, but this will be the safest place for them in a collision. It will also prevent them from jumping around and being a distraction to the driver. If you can’t fit a crate, consider alternate means of harnessing your dog in place.

Pack the Essentials

Food and water are a must, of course, but don’t forget these other pet travel essentials: a beloved toy or pillow, blanket, leash, pooper-scooper, medications, extra collar, and a brush.

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