Best Products to Keep Your Car Clean and Shining

Products to Keep Your Car Clean | Opelousas, LA

Premium vehicles like the ones at Sterling Buick GMC retain their value best when you care for them. That means regular car washes and detailing, inside and out. Make sure your garage is stocked with the following products to keep your car clean.


  • Car wash soap and wax. Don’t be tempted by the dish soap you have in your kitchen. For optimal results in protecting its paint for years to come, use a soap from an auto parts store that is specifically designed to clean cars. Follow up with a thorough wax.
  • Microfiber towels. You may also be tempted to use bath towels or even old T-shirts when scrubbing your car and drying it off. This can be a huge mistake, as it can eventually scratch the paint. Instead, use soft microfiber towels to avoid scratches when drying your car.
  • Pressure washer. Don’t rely on the garden hose. Instead, browse the internet for a power washer meant to wash vehicles.
  • Other products. Your garage should also include a wheel/tire cleaner and a headlight renewal kit.


  • Cordless vacuum and carpet cleaner. Your feet bring lots of unwanted dirt into your Buick or GMC. Get a portable, cordless vacuum to make easy work of the cleanup. And always remember to clean the carpets after using the correct shampoo.
  • Leather conditioner. To maintain the integrity of your leather, regularly clean it with a high-quality leather conditioner.
  • All-purpose interior cleaner. For easy interior detailing, you can purchase an all-in-one interior cleaner that works on leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabric.

If you want your vehicle to run as cleanly as it looks, bring it to Sterling Buick GMC for an inspection and tune-up.

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