Important Car Tire Maintenance Before Holiday Travels

Important Car Tire Maintenance | Opelousas, LA

One of the most crucial parts of your vehicle is the tires, but those are often neglected. Before your family heads out on your holiday road trip, follow these important car tire maintenance tips. They will help prevent a flat or blow-out while traveling.

Check for Damage

Take some time to inspect the tires thoroughly. Looking for any sharp objects like nails embedded in your car’s tires or bulges or cracks in the tire itself. There may be some normal wear if the tires are old, but make sure your tires are wearing evenly.

Gauge Tread Depth

Once your tires reach a lifespan of 5+ years, it’s time to routinely check the tread depth to make sure they meet legal standards. Tire tread is especially important when the weather is bad and the roads are slick from precipitation. Tread is what generates friction and grips the road, preventing you from sliding. You can use a tread depth gauge to measure this or simply use a penny following the penny test.

Fill To Recommended Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can fluctuate when temperatures rise and fall, so it’s important to check and fill your tires before hitting the road. Tire pressure that is too low or too high causes tires to slip more easily and can cause a blowout or a flat.

If your car needs a new set of tires, bring your vehicle to the Sterling Buick GMC service center.

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