GMC Proves It Has Some of the Longest-Lasting Vehicles on the Market

Your new vehicle will be a big investment, one that you’ll want to last for quite some time. Most vehicles need replacing when they get close to the 120,000-mile mark, though your chances of your vehicle lasting for longer than that increase when you choose a GMC.

How do we know? According to a new survey from, GMC was ranked third in terms of longest-lasting vehicles.

The survey set out to find which vehicles from an assortment of automotive brands would last 200,000 miles or more. In all, collected data from more than 15.8 million vehicles.

According to the report, 1.4 percent of GMC vehicles made it to the 200,000-mile mark or further. In fact, only two other automotive brands had vehicles that lasted longer.

The real crown jewel in terms of longevity for the GMC brand was the GMC Yukon XL. Not only did a large percentage of Yukon XL vehicles make it to the 200,000-mile mark, some Yukon XL models even made it past the 300,000-mile mark, a true rarity.

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All-New GMC Yukon Debut Coming in January

Longtime GMC fans are excited for the upcoming all-new GMC Yukon. The 2021 GMC Yukon debut is coming in January, and we guess it will echo the same design stylings as the newest GMC Sierra. Here’s what you can expect.


While it’s all speculation at this point, we can figure out more about the all-new GMC Yukon by taking a look at other GM products announced for next year — the redesigned Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, for example, which both borrowed their looks from the Sierra’s cousin, the Chevy Silverado. We expect to see design aspects like a large grille and distinct C-shaped headlamps on the new GMC Yukon.


With every GMC Yukon comes a new Yukon XL. This larger model boasts its roominess, generous cargo capacity, and additional versatility. We can also expect a Denali trim to deliver the top tier of premium upgrades. There’s no official word yet on what features will be available inside the cabin, but that’s probably where the Yukon will be redesigned the most.

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